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412 North McCarran Blvd Sparks, NV 89431. Office 358-9432 Cell 338-4767. Open Monday - Saturday from 9 AM - 6 PM. We pay cash on the spot. Home appointments are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Do you buy diamonds or other gemstones?

A:Usually not, I buy only for gold or silver content in most cases. For most gemstones and diamonds under ½ carat, I have found that the price I pay just for the gold is more than what other places pay when they are buying the gold and stones. I suggest that you compare my offer to some of the other buyers before you make a decision. If you have a nice piece with stones I like, I will offer more than my usual purchase price. If you want to keep the stones please remove them ahead of time.


If you have a piece with a large stone or you feel the stone is very valuable I suggest you contact a gemologist and pay for an appraisal. You will then have some negotiation power selling to someone who wants it for resale.

Q:What do you do with the silver and gold you buy?

A:I am an investor and speculator. I am hoping the price of gold and silver will continue to increase. When the price of gold and silver is trading high, and I have enough on hand to get good deal I sell to the refiner I can get the best return from.

Q:How much more do you get when you sell verses what you paid for it?

A:It is not a lot. Hopefully the price has increased since I bought and I make some money there. Otherwise the money I make is about what the customer saved by not shipping, and the higher price I can get from my buyers.


Here is how.


If you want to send to the places I do, you need a license. You also need to send in a lot to get a really good deal. Finding the best buyer is the hardest part. It takes lots of research and you need to sell to several places to see who really lives up to what they promise. I do not work with one single place. I have different places depending on what I am selling. Let’s say you figure out who to sell to. There is a cost to get the merchandise to them in the form of shipping and insurance. Whether they say you pay for this or they do, you pay. Either up front or they pay you less to cover this cost. They will not admit to this, but this is how it works. I send all the stuff I purchased from several people in one order so, I pay shipping and insurance once.


So the way you can look at it is, if you find the best place to sell to by mail that does not require a license you will get slightly less in the end as if you sell to me. The money I make is simply the cost not incurred for shipping and insurance of lots of small orders and the premium I get for having a license and sending in large orders. So selling to me assures you get the best price, and saves you time and headaches.